Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth.

Historically, people secured food through two methods: hunting and gathering and agriculture. Today, the majority of the food energy required by the ever increasing population of the world is supplied by the food industry.

Food safety and food security are monitored by agencies like the International Association for Food Protection, World Resources Institute, World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, and International Food Information Council. They address issues such as sustainability, biological diversity, climate change, nutritional economics, population growth, water supply, and access to food.

The right to food is a human right derived from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), recognizing the "right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food," as well as the "fundamental right to be free from hunger."

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Law can make waste sorting drive a success

China Daily 17 Jul 2019
The four waste categories in China-household food waste, recyclable waste, hazardous waste and other wastes-are clear enough for households to understand, which will help local governments to avoid unnecessary increase in the costs of transportation and labor ... And most of the sorted waste in Japan still ends up in incinerators....

Auckland Airport announces 2019 He Tangata grants recipients

Scoop 17 Jul 2019
Four South Auckland schools, a waste minimisation programme, and a community food hub are among the recipients of Auckland Airport’s 2019 He Tangata grants, an annual community giving programme ... ....

Amanda Stone: Avoiding fast food gives nature a better chance

The Joplin Globe 17 Jul 2019
That particular intersection is a stone’s throw from a fast food taco spot, three burger joints and at least as many pizza places ... After all, we had the easy food — the salty, yummy stuff he didn’t have to hunt or gather for ... He had become habituated to humans and their food ... A bear is dangerous when it associates humans with food....

Meal planning can help reduce food waste

San Francisco Examiner 16 Jul 2019
But bread is one of the most wasted foods in homes ... “We collectively waste more food in our homes than anywhere else along the food supply chain,” Andrea Spracht Collins of Natural Resources Defense Council told me ... The report recommended that cities research the obstacles and ways to reduce the total generation of wasted food....

Tips to reduce food waste at home

Victoria Advocate 16 Jul 2019
The Food and Agriculture Organization defines food waste as “discarding of food that is safe and nutritious for human consumption along the entire food supply chain, from primary production to end household consumer level.” To put it simply, food waste refers to any edible portion of food discarded before consumption....

As food waste concerns rise, biodiesel plays active role in reduction

The Capital Journal 16 Jul 2019
But, what happens to the oil after preparing those foods is part of an ever-growing conversation on reducing food waste ... The USDA, FDA and EPA recently announced April as “Winning on Reducing Food Waste Month” and the National Biodiesel Board sees biodiesel as an active player in reduction....

Speaking out: Eat (local), drink (local) and be merry

The Bismarck Tribune 16 Jul 2019
Last month I attended a screening of Anthony Bourdain’s documentary “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste” at Dakota Stage, followed by a panel discussion ... Now that Laughing Sun has added a food menu, Mike says they are hoping to send kitchen waste to feed animals as well — and ......

Waste not, want not: 10 ways to reduce food waste

Natural News 16 Jul 2019
(Natural News) At least one-third of all the food produced in the world is thrown away for different reasons, and this food waste amounts to a whopping 1.3 billion tons annually. If you want to help minimize food waste in your own home, make small changes such as storing food properly and cleaning out your fridge regularly.... ....

Longview ISD school board approves proposed lower tax rate, new after-school program, $471K for compost accelerators

Longview News-Journal 16 Jul 2019
Students on all campuses also will start learning more about composting and sustainability after the board approved food waste compost accelerators. Board President and Place 4 trustee Ginia Northcutt said the accelerators take food waste and use heat and pressure so the waste is turned into compost within 24 hours....

Deltas donate 17,000 meals to storm victims

The Philadelphia Tribune 16 Jul 2019
But the service organization and its caterer, Centerplate, weren't about to let the meals that had been prepared for members go to waste ... "With 16,000 attendees and two food functions canceled — our Sisterhood Luncheon and closing Soiree Celebration — there was inordinate amounts of food that would have been wasted....

Asia has 60% of the hungry people in the world, says UN

The Times of India 16 Jul 2019
Asia had 513.9 million hungry people in 2018 More than 820 million people in the world are hungry, malnutritioned and suffer from food insecurity, according to the United Nations ... Nine out of ten stunted children and nine out of all wasted children globally live in either Asia or Africa ... Lack of healthy food is affecting growth as well....

Delta’s Shorted Bayou Convention Donates 17,000 Meals to the Needy

Jacksonville Free Press 16 Jul 2019
“There was inordinate amounts of food that would have been wasted,” she told The Post ... “We sent a 53-foot truck out here to capture all this food — not just capture it, rescue — all this food that otherwise would’ve gone to waste,” Vise said ... “So the food absolutely will get to a good home,” he said....

Get master plan for Marine Drive: Kerala high court

Deccan Chronicle 16 Jul 2019
The Commissioner of Police has to ensure that there are no anti-social activities and waste dumping in the area ... dumping of waste in the area ... The place has become a waste dump and the leftover and discarded food there attracts stray animals because of which it has become unsafe....

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